The most advanced Total Commander file system plugin for Android devices.


    » Access your Android devices without remounting the USB card.

    » Access as many devices as you want.

    » No application installation is required on the Android device itself.

    » Connect using the USB cable or Wirelessly

    » Manage file and folders, upload and download files.

    » Designed from the ground up with speed in mind.

    » Uses the most advanced framework for Total Commander plugins.

    » x64 and x86 support for all Windows OS versions and TC above 7.5. 

    » Supports Total Commander portable.

    » Install/Uninstall android applications from within Total Commander

    » Support various Android logs. Bugreport, Logcat, Dmesg

    » Supports background operations

    » Supports showing total directory sizes

    » Supports context actions (faster than some TC operations)

    » Best of all it's Free.





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