How to connect using wireless connection

TotalAndDroid allows you to connect to your Android device using a USB cable connection.

Use the following steps to connect succesfully.

  1. Enable USB debugging on the device
    Go to Settings -> Applications -> Development and set  "Usb debugging" check box
    Enable USB debugging
  2. Install a helper program on your device. Programs like Adb Wireless or some other similar. (search for adb wireless on Google Play)
    These programs allow you to enable the Adb wireless connection from the Android device.

    wireless enable

  3. In Total Commander go to \\TotalAndDroid
  4. Press enter (or double click) ".Connect To Device"

  5. Enter the IP:Port combination that adbWireless shows
  6. Wait a little. (Total Commander may not be responsive for a second or two)
  7. A new folder named IP:Port is shown


  8.  All file and folder operations are supported (copy, move, delete, upload, download, search etc).
  9. Enjoy